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Biography of Genghis Khan, Founder of the Mongol Empire

 · Genghis Khan (c. 1162–August 18, 1227) was the legendary founder and leader of the Mongol Empire.In a span of just 25 years, his horsemen conquered a larger area and greater population than the Romans did in four centuries. To the millions of people conquered
Genghis Khan Biography
Genghis Khan was born Temujin in Delüün Boldog, present day Mongolia, to Yesügei, leader of the ‘Khamag Mongol’ tribe, and his wife Hoelun. Though the exact date of his birth is unknown, it is estimated that he was born around 1162.
40 Facts About Genghis Khan
 · Genghis Khan’s birth name was Temujin, which was the name of a powerful warlord defeated by his chieftain father, Yesugei. 17. When Temujin was only 9 years old, Yesugei arranged for him to stay with Börte, Temujin’s future wife.

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10 Amazing Facts About The Mongols
 · When Genghis Khan died during the conquest of China and his son Ogedai replaced him, Subutai continued to serve him. Together, Ogedai and Subutai turned their attention toward Europe. They defeated a few armies and were just gearing up to invade Central Europe when Ogedai died in 1241.
Ögedei Khan
Genghis Khan died in 1227, and Jochi had died a year or two earlier. Ögedei’s younger brother Tolui held the regency until 1229. Ögedei was elected supreme khan in 1229, according to the kurultai held at Kodoe Aral on the Kherlen River after Genghis’ death, although this was never really in doubt as it was Genghis’ clear wish that he be succeeded by Ögedei.
Öz Beg Khan
When the Khan’s cousin, the baskak Shevkal, and his Tatars were killed in Tver and a rebellion erupted there in mid-August 1327, Dmitry’s successor as Prince of Tver and Grand Prince of Vladimir-Suzdal, his brother Alexander Mikhailovich, fled first to Novgorod—which turned him away—and then to Pskov—which made him its Prince—in order to escape a punitive expedition of 50,000 Mongol
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