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‘Shiva is also the god of fertility and is mostly worshipped in the phallic symbol called Linga.’ ‘If the sports car is considered some sort of phallic substitute or symbol, then the quad bike is equally emblematic.’ ‘Weapons carried by the gang are shaped into huge
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Phallic symbol
phallic symbol: [ sim´bol ] 1. something, particularly an object, representing something else. 2. in psychoanalytic theory, a representation or perception that replaces unconscious mental content. phallic symbol in psychoanalytic theory, any pointed or upright object which may represent the phallus or penis.

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 · How to Save Phallic Flowers From Being Inbred to Extinction To preserve corpse flowers and other rare plants, botanic gardens are borrowing studbooks, an approach used by …


phallic: translation adj. 1 of, relating to, or resembling a phallus. 2 Psychol. denoting the stage of male sexual development characterized by preoccupation with the genitals. Derivatives: phallically adv. Etymology: F phallique & Gk phallikos (as PHALLUS)

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Keith Vincent sums up the central argument thusly: “Saito reads the beautiful fighting girl not as a reflection of the status or desires of women but as an autonomous object of desire, an imaginary ‘ phallic girl’ whose unbridled jouissance lends reality to the fictional spaces she inhabits” (xi).

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,phallic urethra是什么意思, 1. During the phallic stage, the child is aware of their sexual organs. 2. This phenomenon appears in both sexes during the phallic stage of development. 點擊查看更多phallic stage的造句
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 · Phallic Contest scroll (BML, Acquisti e Doni 794) (12 F) Phallus (17 C, 131 F) S Penile sex in art (7 C, 8 F) Z Zeus seducing Olympias (Giulio Romano) (5 F) Media in category “Erect human penis in art” The following 77 files are in this category, out
Did Roman phallic carvings “point” towards brothels?
Roman carvings depicting a disembodied phallus can be found in settlements from the centre of Italy to the frontiers of the Empire. There are certainly many phallic carvings in situ in Pompeii and there is, quite notably, at least one brothel: The Vicolo del Lupanare, a two-story building with ten rooms, each with a stone bed and often accompanied by graphic frescoes depicting sexual acts.
 · Phallic symbols (22 C, 128 F) W The Weenis (Exxxotica Expo mechanical bull–phallus) (10 F) Y Ypsilanti Water Tower (1 P, 35 F) Media in category “Phallus” The following 131 files are in this category, out of 131 total. ‘Human Penis’ in Bali Museum
Bangkok Phallic Shrine
The Bangkok Phallic Shrine (also referred to as Tubtim or Tuptim Shrine) is uniquely adorned with hundreds of phalluses ranging from small wooden carvings to 3-meter-tall stone sculptures decorated with ribbons. It honors Chao Mae Tubtim, a female fertility spirit.

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